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Confluence Distilling

Distinct, diverse and disruptive drinks

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our Name

Confluence (n.) means the meeting of two rivers; the act of merging, or bringing things together.

Throughout time a confluence has been a powerful gathering place; It is where many world views have collided, forever changing the people and the place. Calgary's confluence of the Bow and the Elbow river is no exception. It is where the foundations for our home city were laid down. As Confluence Distilling, We hope to continue to be a meaningful gathering place full of good times; where culture and community merge, and spirits are mixed into outstanding cocktails.

Our Story

 ross was only 18 when he was bitten by radioactive yeast while drinking some badly distilled vodka, turning him into a "Super Distiller"! In his quest for the best, he continually found himself in dire situations, but pheelan flew to his rescue, again and again. Before long, they teamed up, becoming partners in the creation of Confluence. That's our origin story.

But in all seriousness...


Pheelan and Ross share a love for Calgary and cocktails, which are the fundamental drivers of Confluence. Although they are both ex-engineers, their diverse backgrounds created the balanced Ying and Yang for a mighty distillery. Pheelan's creativity and taste paired with Ross's business savvy and distilling experience make them the dynamic distilling duo they are today. However, We want to acknowledge all of our advisors, investors, friends, Families and employees and to thank them for helping the vision of Confluence Distilling to come to life. Confluence wouldn't have gained success without the melding of the many minds and skills that came together.

Founders and owners of Confluence Distilling
A cocktail at a craft gin distillery

our passion

At confluence distilling we do our best uphold a set of core values to guide us and reinforce our company's vision. These values include a strong community engagement; supporting cultural growth;  sharing knowledge; continual improvement; and, to foster creativity. At the end of the day, our business strives to create an elevated social experience.

TO start reaching our goal, We aspire to have the most creative and top award-winning spirits and drinks. Our spirits are thoughtfully designed by taking traditional and global ideas then innovating them with Albertan grown ingredients and outside-of-the-box thinking. 

Our original passion is for gin. We love it for its versatility. Gin allows for maximum creativity in making distinct and diverse flavour profiles. Just check out our Pink Gin for a prime example!

TO reach our vision, we strive to make cocktails and spirits more accessible and desirable for everyday consumption. Spirits had a heyday in the 1920s, and we are trying to reinvigorate their popularity in the 2020s. One of the best ways to do this is through ready-to-drink cocktails. If you can have your choice of beer at a party, why not have your choice of cocktail at a party? It's the perfect meld of convenience, culture and imbibing. Whether it's in a bottle or a can, whenever we go out, we like having cocktails at the ready.

Thanks for reading more about us. we hope we've grown your love for cocktails, and your desire for an elevated drinking experience.

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