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Confluence Distilling

We're all about
distinct and disruptive drinks

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our Name

Confluence (n.) means the meeting of two rivers; the act of merging, or bringing things together.

Throughout time a confluence has been a powerful gathering place; It is where many world views have collided, forever changing the people and the place. Calgary's confluence of the Bow and the Elbow river is no exception. It is where the foundations for our home city were laid down. Confluence Distilling  hopes to continue to be a meaningful gathering place for good times; where culture and community merge, and spirits mix into outstanding cocktails.

Our Story

Ross was only 18 when he was bitten by radioactive yeast while drinking some badly home-distilled vodka, turning him into a "Super Distiller"! In his quest for the best he found a partner, Pheelan, who was continually flying his rescue. Together this dynamo duo are the founders, owners and masterminds of Confluence Distilling, saving palates and parties from bad drinks. 

But in all seriousness...


Pheelan and Ross share a love for Calgary and cocktails, which are the fundamental drivers of Confluence. Their diverse backgrounds created the Ying and Yang for a mighty distillery. Pheelan's creativity and taste paired with Ross's business savvy and distilling experience make them the daring distilling duo they are today. However, our vision for this little distillery couldn't have happened without the support from all of our advisors, investors, friends, families and employees. Confluence wouldn't have any success without the melding of the many minds and skills that came together. We thank our community for helping the dream of Confluence Distilling come to life!

Cocktails at Confluence

Our Values

A large part of what makes everyone uniquely themselves is their values and moral makeup. Shouldn't businesses have these things too?

Below are our five core values.

Appreciate the cocktail.

A good drink can turn a bad day around in one sip. It's about appreciating quality over quantity, and enjoying a tasty bevy with your besties. 

Small actions.
Big impact.

As a tiny business floating down the economic river, our vision is not to drift about, but to build oars to steer us in the right direction and a strong hull to keep us floating forever. Every detail and decision around packaging, sourcing, hiring, and managing are geared to move us forward into a better tomorrow for everyone. 


Be a good neighbour.

And neighbours will be good back!

Get involved, be engaged, be
kind and help build up your community so everyone gets lifted together.

"Rising tides lift all ships"
DJ Show_edited.jpg

Progress, not perfection.

We are, if nothing, ambitious and driven individuals. The journey to success is about continual improvement and the desire to be better. Learn, share your knowledge, and don't get stuck in your ways. 


Challenge the
status quo.

Our people want to explore their creativity and express themselves! We challenge everyone to do something different, bring new tastes to the table, reshape the box and take risks. Break down your echo chamber of normality.

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