Ahh, the pursuit of science!

Let us tell you, there is nothing quite like the. . . study of plants.

At Confluence we are huge advocates for the, uh, in-depth research on the properties and effects of plant based-solutions.

Like the many great minds before us, let us drin- RESEARCH together, and through the collaboration of our great minds we will no doubt advance the field of Botany!

okay but seriously

To us, nothing is more important than community, knowledge, and incredible experiences.

The Botany Club is a circle of spirit & cocktail enthusiasts, which gain access to exclusive offers and releases.

Be the first to get your hands on releases of your choice, a confluence home bartending cocktail kit, not to mention some sweet swag and lounge discounts.

Anyone can join up for either a regular membership, or if you’re as passionate about spirits as we are, become a Bibulous Botanist. . .