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You'll Like where this is going


The Spirit of the Party

Meet the detour that will bring you to where you didn't know you wanted to go.

Detour Spirits is Confluence Distilling's bar brand; made for excelling fun, appreciating wrong turns, and happy surprises. 

Detour dry gin and vodka at a party
Cocktail Party with your friends
Because life is lived
when you get lost wherever, make memories whenever and raise a glass with whoever makes it worthwhile.
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Vine Arts 17th (Calgary)

Willow Park (Calgary)

Vine Arts 1st (Calgary)

MetroVino (Calgary)

Riverfront Wine & Spirits (Calgary)

AB Beer Exchange (Calgary)

Eastport Liquor (Calgary)

Co-op Midtown (Calgary)

BK Liquor Tuxedo (Calgary)

Co-op Liquor West Springs (Calgary)

Color De Vino (Edmonton)

DeVine Wines (Edmonton)

The Liquor Hutch (Red Deer)

Liquor Connect (AB)

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