Our Distilling process starts in the Albertan fields.

Whether we grab a few buckets then head out to Kananskis, or meet up with our favorite farming families, we ensure that our botanicals are as fresh as possible.

We distill each fresh botanical separately.

It may take a bit longer to distill each botanical separately, but that’s okay. It allows for us to get a fresh, well-balanced flavor profile for each of our spirits.

Not all botanicals are distilled the same way.

Some botanicals require a bit more care than others. We use infuse certain ingredients through vapour extraction to get a higher-quality taste.

We distill on-grain with our Red Wheat base.

We won’t get too technical explaining this. Basically, our spirits have a silkier feeling when it is being consumed.

So what does all of this mean?

A truly craft drinking experience with spirits that can’t be matched.