Our Spirits

Proudly handcrafted in Calgary, our small batch spirits are a convergence of high quality ingredients and precise distillation.

We strive to be 100% local with our ingredients, either handpicked by us or sourced from Albertan family farmers.

Explore the subtle complexities and smoothness of our spirits.



dry gin

Our Gin is a crisp blend of handpicked botanicals, distilled in the Manchester district of Calgary. We delicately balance Juniper, Saskatoon Berries and Wild Rose, to impart subtle sweetness with floral notes. You won’t be overpowered by any crisp tastes, similar to what you find in a traditional London Dry. This isn’t your Grandfather’s Gin, but we’re sure he’d love it!

All of our fresh-picked botanicals are immediately distilled, to capture the freshness. We distill them individually to ensure the best possible flavor profile of each botanical, and carefully blend them to ensure each batch tastes exceptional, batch after batch.

Try it in a classic G&T, in your favorite cocktail, or on the rocks. We made our spirit versatile, perfect for any occasion.




Our Vodka is distilled from pure glacial waters and family grown Canada Prairie Spring Red Wheat, handcrafted with utmost precision. We believe that the best grains in the world are found right here in Alberta, which create some incredible tasting notes in a Vodka.

We carefully distill our Vodka to ensure the smoothest, purest spirit possible, free of any impurities. The Red Wheat does something special - it gives our Vodka a subtle sweetness and ensures no unwanted lingerings of impurities after a sip.

Headwater Vodka also has a subtle scent of Banana and Vanilla on the nose, with some palates noticing an aftertaste of cherry.

Some folks think that Vodka isn’t as much fun as other spirits, but to us, it is the beginning of an incredible new drink. Experiment boldly, and re-discover what fantastic craft Vodka can do.