Power-Up Cocktail

This cocktail was created special for our Espresso Vodka by an amazing bartender at Proof YYC cocktail bar. Our Espresso Vodka was a community collaboration with Rosso Coffee Roasters and SPUD Alberta grocery, as we all try to Power-Up our community!

This cocktail isn't difficult, but has some funky ice if you want to do it right. You can buy crushed ice, or just smash some up at home. If you're lucky, maybe you got one of those ice crushers in your freezer door!

Cynar amaro is an excellent and versatile product to have in your liquor cabinet. Many cocktails utilize amaro, so you should have fun exploring with it, if you've never had it before! It can also be drunk on it's own with ice if you're feeling adventurous.


1.5oz Confluence Espresso Vodka

0.5oz Cynar Amaro

1.5oz Cold Brew Coffee

0.5oz Simple Syrup

2 Dash Orange Bitters

1 Pinch of Salt

Shake all ingredients together in a shaker tin with ice. Strain into your glass filled with the crushed ice. Garnish with an Orange Twist.

Feel the power!

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