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Looking for the perfect spot for an intimate cocktail gathering, maybe an in-depth distillery workshop, or just a good old-fashioned party? Look no further.

We host a variety of events and gatherings. Give us a shout with any ideas you may have.


Wednesday - Sunday: 5PM till 7PM

Friday 4PM - 7PM

7 Classic Cocktails for $7

Tasting Room

Have you ever experienced the perfect moment in a lounge?

That moment when fine spirits, warm atmosphere, great conversation and a cozy setting intimately come together to create an experience?

Well, we designed our Tasting Room with all of this in mind. Our passion beyond spirits is cocktails, and we take them pretty seriously! However, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We designed our space to be intimate and inviting; anyone from the Occasional Imbiber to the Cocktail Connoisseur will feel at home.

So come visit, bring a friend, settle in. We hope you experience your perfect moment.

We have a full menu of classic and custom cocktail creations, all made with our very own spirits. Some of our creations aren’t available anywhere else, so experience them while you can.


If you’re the curious type, join us in a guided tour and learn about how we combine nature and technology to create our finest spirits.

Experience distilling up close, and taste our portfolio (with a few special releases too).

To register, simply fill in the form below.

Visit on Saturday’s for $1 Tours!

We are also proudly partnered with CJSW, and offer 15% off Cocktails & Merch to those with a valid friends card!