our story

The Confluence tale began over 10 years ago, in Ross Alger’s backyard.

Surrounded by friends with a 10 lb. bag of Russets, some boiling water, bakers yeast and crossed fingers, Ross began his journey into the world of distilling. Although the first (few) batches didn’t turn out too well, Ross was steadfast in his desire to craft a spirit from scratch.

After years of small batch experimentation, studying the science of craft distillation and a degree in engineering, Ross fine tuned his spirits to create a taste unrivaled.

So once again, Ross crossed his fingers and gathered his closest friends to lay down the foundations of Confluence Distilling.

But the story of Confluence isn’t just about the love of spirits and science, it’s about a desire to create a better Calgary. Confluence spirits are a means for Calgarian’s to connect with local culture, art, cocktails, and of course - each other. Confluence is Calgarian, through and through, and we won’t rest until we make this great city even better.

Located in the Manchester district, the heart of Calgary, Confluence Distilling is proud to create a premium handcrafted spirit, with locally sourced ingredients from family farmers.

Every small batch contains handpicked botanicals with fresh water from the nearby glaciers, and is distilled with scientific precision.

We hope you enjoy every sip, and remember, our spirits are best paired with a friend.